3-month old Toby out exploring the winter wonderland with Landon.

After Kenai died in the summer of 2011, our household was without a canine for well over a year, but everyone missed living with a friendly quadraped around the house. So after some discussion we decided to rescue a puppy from a shelter. Surprisingly, it wasn’t easy finding a mixed-breed puppy in the local shelters (we wanted an 10-12 week old pup), but there’s an organization in Maine that finds good homes for shelter dogs from the South, which apparently has a plethora of unwanted puppies. So we ended up rescuing a young male brought up from Georgia, who the kids promptly named Toby. He arrived around the new year and soon proved himself a terrific housemate. Ben and Landon were delighted, and he often slept in their bedrooms those first few weeks (not on the bed of course!)


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